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I can help you deliver your message with a professional animation video, slideshow video, and even a virtual spokesmodel video.

Watch the example videos below:*New%20Project*png?alt=media&token=79a08b84-8ced-4139-aa01-7102d0e26ef0

Template-based 15-30 seconds animation video

If you need a short professional video to deliver your message without breaking the bank: This is your best option.

It doesn't come with a lot of customization options, but you'll definitely make a great first impression.*New%20Project*png?alt=media&token=79a08b84-8ced-4139-aa01-7102d0e26ef0

30-50 seconds custom slideshow video

Don't you care much about professional animations but do you rather want more flexibility with a custom script and video & picture backgrounds?

With a slideshow video, you will grab and keep the attention of your target audience while delivering the exact message you like to share.*New%20Project*png?alt=media&token=79a08b84-8ced-4139-aa01-7102d0e26ef0

50-90 seconds virtual spokesmodel video

A virtual spokesmodel and voice-over (English US, GB and more), a custom script, background, intros, outros, transitions, lower-thirds; it's all included!

And to take it to the next level, it's even possible to insert different animation videos in the background to really make an impression.*New%20Project*png?alt=media&token=79a08b84-8ced-4139-aa01-7102d0e26ef0

How to order a video:

You can order a video on Legiit where I offer my video services. When placing an order you have 2 options:

1. You give me the business name & website URL and I create the video without any input from your side.

2. You provide more info to have influence on the topics of the video.

You don't have to worry about writing a script, that's included in the price.*prices*png?alt=media&token=96a87edb-699a-4461-af11-c74db1802b80*Review%20David%20Loud%20Crowd*png?alt=media&token=9242e045-4b8f-418f-86a2-5806a2b468b1

Any other questions before placing an order?

Let me know and send me a message:

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I help local business owners and marketing agencies with affordable services to get more, but most important: better customers.

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